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    5 Guns We Hope Springfield Armory Makes! The Wish List

    Check out this video where we shared a list of five guns we hope to see Springfield Armory make? Do you agree with our list? What one would you love to see? My 5 Wish Guns Include: - XDM Elite 5" OSP model - A Longer Hellcat OSP overall length of 6," barrel 3.7" - A SAINT Victor in 6.5...
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    I was wondering if anyone knows if Mossberg ever made a 16 gauge in semi-auto. I haven't seen one but didn't know if they ever made one.
  3. J

    Springfield Armory

    I love the Springfiled Armory pistols. I have 5 of them and put several thousand rounds through them and never once had any problems. Hopefully I will be adding the Hellcat soon to that line up.