shield rmsc

  1. CamGun3

    Anyone familiar with the Shield SMSc Optic on the Hellcat RDP?

    Today after entering an indoor range for the first time I had issues trying to see the dot on a well lit target even at only 24'. I have had the Hellcat RDP for 3.5 months and fired about 300-400 rounds in an open outdoor range with only some viewing problems. I have had about 9 handguns since...
  2. Jetwind

    What's your favorite Hellcat video?

    I was impressed by the unboxing of the Hellcat OSP - and the first thoughts and shots by Brandon of Texas Plinking on YouTube. I don't know the guy or his other videos. But I felt he gave an honest and fair assessment of the gun. I like how some of his reservations were eased by handling the...