1. jorgebarake

    My first firearm

    This was the first firearm I ever purchased. This is the handgun I keep on my nightstand and trust if I ever need to use it.
  2. A

    Should I pick up another XD9 4” or 3”?

    So quick question for you guys. Since my XD9 4” is taking forever from the shop I ordered it from, I’m considering getting another pistol. Should I get another 4” or get a sub-compact? Is two of the same exact gun strange? Thoughts?
  3. A

    XD9 backorder

    Does anyone know how far backorder Ed the XD9’s are? I ordered one a month ago and still haven’t gotten any word. I know things are crazy right now. Maybe it’s just the shop that I got it from. Some sort of update would be nice.