1911 vs. 1911A1: What’s the Difference?

Great article, a lot of information i did not know. (y)
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Good article, learned how it evolved. I have a Remington R1 1911 that has never failed yet and all I hear from other shooters is what a POS the R1 is. Anyone know otherwise? I’ve had mine for 14 yrs never failed yet.
I have always felt that the 9 mm was a mistake that was politically motivated.
The 9 mm is easier to shoot and cheaper but I do consider it a basic cartridge for self defense. There is no way it can be compared to the .45 ACP.
My favorite automatic. Nice article, enlightening! Colt put out a vintage model about ten years ago or so, I think it has some additional safety features and it has the lanyard loop on the bottom of the grip, very cool. Colt only made a limited number of them I believe. The swamp or forest monster can't get it if you have a lanyard on it.
Quote from article:
"For most people, however, the difference between nomenclature of “1911” and “1911A1” is of little to no significance. To the untrained eye, the guns still look basically the same. "

Kind of like the difference between a Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock
Marines ?

US Army switched to the Beretta officially in 1985.

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No; Army. In our division only the GOs had Barettas. Maybe we were at the tail end of the distribution; who knows? My Dad was a Marine, but I never saw him eat crayons. He chewed my behind many times though. 😁