1st gen hellcat

I bought a first GEN hellcat 9 mm it fit my hand excellent love the feel. didn’t really think I needed an OSP model and I liked like the sand color.I’ve taken it out and shot it several times from 15 to 10 yards the weapon consistently shoots low and left unless I am within 10 feet considering an OSP however my gun is not set up with the Picatinny rail mount for a sight any advice on mods for this gun ?
You might be jerking/slapping the trigger. Have a friend help you with the spent shell casing trick. Make your gun safe, rack the slide and present your gun as you would when shooting. Have a friend place a spent casing on your front sight while you press the trigger. Make sure you take up the slack and get to the wall before realizing your final sight picture and doing your trigger press. The casing should stay put.

Barring that I would sell the gun or fix whatever is up with the sights and if you want an OSP model just buy one because modifying your slide isn't feasible really and SA doesn't sell the optic ready slide or any other components separately.
I appreciate your help my friend I have done the following I have three other Springfield units 9mm45 acp and the hellcat 9mm. Glocks and a 365 sig my hands do not fit the sig but I shoot it straight as usual. this gun just seems to be low left I think I’ll sell thank you
You can change the sights to correct vertical issues and drift sights to adjust where hits occur horizontally. You can do this after determining where the majority of hits occur. Some vertical movement can be obtained by using heavier rounds: heavier rounds hit higher on target as a rule.