4 Must-Have Concealed Carry Upgrades (2022)

I like a horizontal mag carrier as my primary extra mag carrier. If needed I can add a dual mag pouch in addition.

Night sights, in my opinion a niceity, but not really must have. Good visible front sight, yes, I consider that a must have. If it's a night sight like on the P364xl thats a bonus. But the green sight on my Model 60 works just as well when used with a flashlight.

Og course like with anything that is all just my opinion.


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While I enjoy the reading, the variability of the carrier makes this list of "gotta-haves" bring up more questions to me. How can an extra mag holder be relevant to someone carrying a revolver? Further, a revolver carrier (with 5 or 6 loaded) needs to carry 4-5 extra speed loaders to equal the carrying capacity of one P365 with 1 extra mag (or Hellcat, GX3/4, Max9, fill in blank)? Just another list for us all to banter about, which is ok by me...not trying to complain. I know that revolvers are carried by more folks than some might realize...see 👆👆👆.
Pleasant surprise this past week. After reading the article in the OP here the last "must-have" is a gun belt. I never gave it much thought...I pocket carry, but I was wandering through a gun shop on Friday and noticed a display of gun belts. Having read that article it caught my attention. Turns out gun belts designed for CC are less than 1/2 the price of the leather dress belts I've been wearing for 30 years. I'll never go back now that I know they are cheaper and can assist me should I ever decide to wear a holster...who knew?
I fully agree with the importance of a quality gun belt (unless you pocket-carry). I've never invested in a $100+ gun belt, but VersaCarry offers several high-quality options for little more than the cost of a department store leather belt (usually $30-$40 depending on what's on sale).

I prefer tritium night sights on all of my carry guns, but I'm also fine with a good set of fiber-optic sights or high-visibility paint/nail polish for revolvers. My extra-mag holders are my pockets, and they work equally well with magazines and speed-loaders.

As far as grips, I have never upgraded or modified the grips on a polymer-framed gun. I wouldn't buy a gun to use as a carry gun if the grips did not provide adequate traction. For metal-framed semi-autos, all of my grip changes have been for aesthetic purposes or to make the grip slimmer to aid in concealment. The grip changes I've made to revolvers have usually been to make the grips shorter/slimmer/longer to improve concealment or handling. I don't believe that I've ever changed grips strictly for the purpose of adding traction/texture.