5 Reasons Why a Springfield Hellcat Should Be Your First Handgun

5 - Because Croatia beat out Lichtenstein for the Obscure European Nation Modular Pistol Contract competition.
I understand that this is a SA forum, but I have to disagree. 1st handgun. 4" DA 22lr revolver. Ammo is cheap more practice for less $. Low noise and muzzle blast that is a flinch inducer. No recoil to get in the way for learning sight alignment, how to hold and shoot a handgun and once you master a DA trigger pull everything else is WOW WHAT A GREAT TRIGGER. It can feel like squishing a rotten grape and it will still feel like a great trigger.
Hello all, here is today's article posted on TheArmoryLife.com. It is titled “5 Reasons Why a Springfield Hellcat Should Be Your First Handgun” and can be found at https://www.thearmorylife.com/5-reasons-why-a-springfield-hellcat-should-be-your-first-handgun/.

Hi, The hellcat series is fantastic and I would literally buy one tomorrow if they made a fully ambidextrous version within each level of hellcat. Why are us southpaws always forgotten about? I do know that some hellcats can have a thumb safety for lefties but that's about all I can find pertaining to my dilemma. I currently have an HK VP9SK which is fully ambidextrous, and a S&W CSX which has the mag release and safety on the left. Still, I love the feel of the hellcat, which is why I would absolutely pick one up if I could.
No Laura a nice .22LR should probably be your first gun/shooting experience. Geez is it me or is this forum like CNN, just shove the agenda up your...............

Yeah, if not a .22 I always recommend either a full or compact size 9mm. To be blunt, micro 9s suck to shoot, and they're harder to sort out. If a gun sucks to practice with, guess what ain't gonna happen...Almost everyone will get better at shooting faster - and have more fun doing it - with a full size gun. They can worry about a sub compact carry pistol later, when the Gun Acquisition Disease phase kicks in.
The hellcat is fine but I have to disagree that it should be the 1st since that would mean a new gun owner and new shooter. Being a micro 9 the recoil will be more then a compact or full size and thus not as fun to shoot at the range and train with (something a new owner/ shooter should be doing a lot of).

I don’t think micro 9’s are good for those without solid fundamentals in place and could cause issues with accuracy.

Hellcat pro would be a better choice if sticking to this specific line and falls more into a better do it all category. Since some people do only buy one gun. Xdm elite compact if sticking to Springfield would probably be better (even though discontinued it seems in 9mm).

Others have had solid suggestions, the xmacro (non-comp) or p365xl is the ones I have been suggesting and no one has been disappointed yet. Especially when I let them shoot mine first. But g19 or other similar sizes are all good

Unless I know for certain it won’t be carried, then I might just suggest a full size.
In all my years of instructing, shooting. etc, I never once suggested a first gun for someone. What I did do was to recommend quality guns, my best guess as to what might work for them, and then suggest the new shooter try them out and consider his/her first gun as the one that feels right to them. Often, if asked I would try to provide a particular gun at the next class or session to the newby to try. And I would do that as often as possible. There was even a time I was well supported by a LGS that would occasionally loan me the gun in question if I didn't own one for just that purpose. Over some time I don't recall very many ever coming back later and claiming "I just can't shoot this damned thing", or "I just can't hit anything with this", or anything similar. Yeh, it did happen a few times, but not many.
Why this 64 yr old petite woman likes her Hellcat for EDC:
The sights are the best I've ever used. So easy to line up on target.
The grip is very comfortable in my hand, which I would consider small.
The weight of the Hellcat seems a little heavier than my Glock 43x or my Sig p365 but I find it feels more solid in my hand and easier to get back on target for additional shots.
My accuracy with the Hellcat is better than with other pistols.
The 13 rounds and a spare mag is a must in today's world.
The Hellcat has never jammed.
There are two things I find not as good as other pistols I have. One, I find it a little harder to rack and pulling the slide back to where it locks open can be a struggle. Two, I do not like the process for disassembly and reassembly when cleaning the gun.
Overall I would recommend the Hellcat as a first ccw. However you should try out 3 or 4 different pistols and purchase the one you're most comfortable with.