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Are you sure he wasn't somewhere in the black mining hills of Dakota?
Nope Ringo, he was in Saginaw, about middle of MI mitten. :)
Surprisingly, Ringo of Beatles fame played at White's Bar in Saginaw a few years ago.
Possibly an escaped distant cousin? Am kidding on cousin part!
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Sorry bud. If someone says Rocky Raccoon I automatically start singing it. Plus I'm reasonably sure it was the first use and therefore the origin of people calling raccoons Rocky. ;-)
Thanks Tayln. Pretty interesting article. Especially on how "you" is understood. Have noticed how the same word's been interpreted from a general term to a more personal individualized term in different generational areas over the years. Growing up, "you" was taken as most anyone in general in conversation. Now, someone tends to take same generalized word more personal. The basically innocent word can sometimes be twisted into something unintended changing the whole meaning around. Patience usually helps understanding meaning.

From my memory and area I grew up, we spoke it more like "yunz" than "yinz", as per the variety of spellings in the Wiki article.

In the N. Rockies area where I live we basically say.."you folks".