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True because there is no shop in Italy for the purchase of weapons'

then he needs to get a job at Beretta, and pilfer some.???

or, join the mafia, they got plenty of cool guns.

(i can say that, I AM an Italian by birth, and eats lots of 'sghetti)


I was married to an Italian for 24 years and I cooked better then her.
the late actor, comedian Danny Thomas (St. Jude spokesman for many years too), was Lebanese. he married a Sicilian woman.

he'd tell the true story of,

he'd be out doing his comedy routine at some night club and get home well after 2 AM (or so).

he'd get into bed with his sleeping wife, and put his hand under her pillow.

when he'd "feel" something.

it was a long butcher's knife. he said he didn't know if it was for him or a burglar, but he knew Sicilian women were very jealous of their men. (and THERE IS some truth to that)

he said something like, "i tried to get home earlier after that"

he said that either on the old Merv Griffith show, or Mike Douglas show, or The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson