America’s Misguided Obsession with Centrifugal Guns

We now have a centrifugal launcher for space vehicles being tested. Cannot imagine, even if it works, that it would be suitable for flesh and blood or any sort of sensitive material. Might work for uncooked rice... The device rapidly brings the object to be flung to an escape velocity and then releases it on its planned trajectory.
Loaded with, say, lead 00 buckshot projectiles at subsonic velocity - say, equivalent to a slingshot - or even better, round ice balls - I can see shopkeepers in riot-prone areas making good use of something this low key and silent to break up a mob at times when the police are ordered to "stand down" as they were in many places during the 2020 riots. I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to get design info and adapt it using modern materials. With a variable speed motor, one could even "tune" the power. As for accuracy - how much do you need for "minute of mob?"