Ammo Question

Back when I had my CCW class, I used my SA Ultra Compact in .45, which has been discontinued for years, the class supplied the ammo blazer brass, my gun would not feed it, no matter what, I tried other brands to see if it was the gun, Remington, Winchester white box, federal, all fed but the blazer still wouldn’t, milked the case rim and it was somewhat thicker and I’m thinking it wouldn’t slide under the extractor at times, now just for fun I tried there blazer aluminum case, worked fine….some guns are just finicky on ammo, now I tried the blazer brass in my colts with no problems…..just the way it is
I use that blazer aluminum case before also no issues . But do know want you mean blazer has there 22lr on sale but I never use it before I am afraid if I buy a ton it it won’t work for my p22 or lcp2
Personally I try to as well. When my local place keeps telling me it's not available to them yet I can go buy it by the gross at several businesses they do business with I leave footprints on their forehead.
could also be budget constraints as to why some gun stores say, "it's not available to them yet"

as 1 example, the small mom/pop bait-gun store has a rather small selection of new ammo.......it's not storage, they got the room..

but they run on a smaller budget.

were as the large gun store i shop at, the owner (he's in with like a couple of other large stores) they had like a 4 million dollar Federal ammo order delivered last month.

he had no room for it, but if he cancelled the order, Federal would have dropped them.

all this told by the owner himself to a close friend of the mom/pop store.

now he's been having sales on ammo up the "wa-zoo".....