Anybody want a folding stock M1A?


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I do. I really do. I'd love to see something like the old BM59 stocks on one, or even something modern like a folding version of the CQB stock on the SOCOM 16 CQB. Seems like it would be relatively easy to do as a mod on that stock system. I'd also love to see a "pistol" version of the M1A with a wrist brace (but that might a lot of engineering headache).

What do you all think?
I like it 308Lover! I'd also like to get my hands on a "paratrooper" IBM M1 Carbine (folding stock), which are expensive and nearly impossible to find. I have a 1940's Sagigaw w/Underwood barrel M1 Carbine which was expensive enough.
That would be awesome! If you had a true sidefolder on the M1A with the SOCOM16 barrel, you would have a .308 a ton shorter than a .308 AR like the Victor. I think the M1A Tanker with a BM59-style folder on it would be REALLY cool! I think Springfield used to sell BM59 rifles back in the 80s?
Agreed! I'd love to see an M1A with a folding stock! Hey, anyone at Springfield listening here?!?!?!
Just pick up a McCann carbonfiber stock and add a 1913 adapter, then put a brace on it.

I think you could also just cut down the stock and attach a 1913 adapter. If anyone has an extra stock they are willing to par with I would be willing to give it a go.
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Umm, no. A side folder on a 308 doesn't make a lot of sense to me IMO. I have the SCAR 17 which I installed the folding stock lock (partly by Maryland law) to keep it from folding. While Alpine BM-59 stocks look cool I bet it's hell getting a good stock weld on.
Not on any of my M1As since I don't think the design is the best with a folder, but works fine with a FAL PARA.
I have owned a few different folding stocks for the M1A, and the best one is a HERA SFU on a Blackfeather chassis stock equipped with the high butt stock adapter. Here it is next to a Daewoo K2... the K2 has what is arguably the finest factory folding mechanism ever devised.
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