Are Single-Stack Pistols Extinct?

I have and carry only single stacks and have no plans for doubles; except I'll have to insert a disclaimer that I could make an impulse purchase at any time. :)

Even though I have little interest in doubles, the very worst excuse not to purchase one is that "Sam" may someday outlaw/confiscate more than ten rounders! It would be the very reason to compel me to purchase.
Always good articles and food for thought! Something to consider is the fact that gun hating politicians are passing or trying to pass bills on high capacity magazines/pistols like in my once great State of Virginia. Not a bad idea to purchase a single stack in your favorite flavor that holds 10 rounds or less if you don’t already own one. I love my XDS in .40, would love a hellcat but figure it will eventually outlawed. 10 rounds seems to be the magic number that keeps all us law abiding gun owners safe from ourselves 🙄. The communist governors like “Coonman” (by his own college nickname) Ralph Northam continually pick away at us from any angle they can get. Thanks for the article and replies. Be safe and shoot straight.

You or someone else wants a Hellcat, 10 rounds or less? A California compliant 10 round Hellcat may work for you then?
Check the specs?