Are You a Soft Target?

I probably am. I'm just one guy who can't have a 360* field of view at all times. If someone really wanted to get the drop on me it'd probably happen. I fell like that's the case with almost anyone who's not out in a group.
Everyone can be a victim.

just look at Chris Kyle. Killed by a peer at a range, and he was at the top of his game.
We dont have eyes in the back of our head. All it would take is one to be ordering food at a counter like we all do to not see it coming
Yeah, I can fight, and unfortunately have, but you never know how those are going to go. Best to stay away at almost any cost. There's no winner. I'm probably big enough that it doesn't look like a brawl would be easy, which is a blessing.
I'm soft AND squishy for the most part, but I do maintain a high level of situational awareness at all times. I've been told I have my dad's very non-friendly eyes...lol which keeps me from having people approach me for the most part. I do try to convey an air of "I'm not the guy to ask for money, a ride, or anything else from strangers. If I'm out in public, I'm armed, so the last thing I want to do is get into a confrontation. I can't fight worth a damn, too old and slow, but i can still shoot pretty well...
This description matches me pretty well, and I call my stare a "scowl." It's like this guy is not having a good day, better move along.

Not soft target here…..just sayin, seriously though, I just keep my eyes open when I am out and pay attention to my surroundings
Great Article! Now, how many readers will truly understand (and appreciate) what was said? There were several suggestions of how to avoid being or becoming a target, all of which actually work. But there is the modern day answer that many believe will help protect themselves and their families and that is BUY A GUN. Well that's a start, but without complete implementation of how and when to use a gun, leaves some back to where they started from before buying a gun. And one's mental state is all so important. How many folks who today buy a gun, are actually willing to arrange a meeting between a CROOK and God? An old saying (Practice makes perfect) comes to mind and that includes taking things like background behind a potential target, type of ammunition loaded in a weapon and general surroundings come to my mind. But being constantly prepared (and I don't mean being paranoid 24-7) is a matter of practice, training and awareness. It's really tough sometimes to teach ordinary law abiding citizens on how not to a become of victim of your own lack of understanding what's around you and your habits that invite potential victimization. Obviously, folks on this blog and other shooting or weapons related topic discussions, are AWARE and PREPARED to do that which (unfortunately) must be done to insure your safety and the safety of those around you, especially your family.