Ayoob: Can You Shoot Your 1911 Backwards?

I have been carrying my EMP4, in a IWB holster, chambered, with the safety off. Never had an issue, and I really can't see having one. No, I'm not grabbing it or shooting with my weak hand - when I practice - so I don't see an issue....

I can't see the slide going anywhere due to the safety being off...Really?? Come on...

Michael J.


As a lefty, I have been doing all the things mentioned in the article for years. Also, I have always said that I thought that left sided mag releases and slide lock levers are easier to activate for LH shooters than for those that are RH.


Master Class
OK, when I read the title I thought it was going to be about shooting your target with your back turned to it and aiming by using a mirror. I'm disappointed the article was about trick shots.