Ayoob: Cows’ Udders and the Crush Grip


Good article.

Now about the thumb . . . curled under as shown in one of the photos works very well for one-handed, correct?

For two-handed, where are you putting your shooting hand thumb on a 1911? Under, or on the safety?

I've heard pros and cons either way, and I'm still experimenting with the thumb placement on my SA Ronin EMP 3 (smaller of course than a regular 1911).


I enjoy reading this type of article. Years of football, wrestling, pro MMA, and law enforcement have left me with severe nerve damage in my neck. Even after multiple corrective surgeries in middle-age, I have never regained more than partial use of my fingers. I've been experimenting with different grips for years. I've managed to develop a grip that allows me to shoot accurately, but I'm always interested in picking up tips from the experts.