Ayoob: Is the 1911 Wrong for CCW?


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While I primarily carry a Hellcat I occasionally work a Full, Commander, or EMP CCC into my carry routine. The 1911 platform is by far my favorite to shoot but personally I enjoy the reliability, accuracy, capacity, and weight of the Hellcat for EDC. The effort by manufacturers to supply compact dependable guns, has been a large factor in the growth of the gun market especially for carry/self defense IMO. But the 1911 is not wrong for an EDC for those that choose.
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I haven't carried a 1911 since my Navy days, but I now carry either a Barretta 92F or a 4.5" XD-M .45ACP, both ISWB, and all of that article applies to my situation as well. And while I don't have decades of experience with CC, I do have some, and yet learned a few new things with that article. So thank you for that as well as a really great article in general.
I have few EDCs in my rotation and clothing dictates
The the XDS 4.0 in .45 is probably my all around favorite carry. In the 6+1 pinky extension configuration.
Very thin profile ~.90, light weight and similar to a 1911. If I am wearing light weight shorts and shirt. I would switch out to something similar to a my Hellcat, P365 or LCP just for comfort. Fall and winter my 1911s will come out. And man they do feel good when I put them on my side.
Been carrying so long, that no matter which EDC I have on. I am fully aware of what safeties are in play for me in the event I do need to deploy
But, I will agree that training is imperative. Even with just snap caps, pulling from concealment in front of a mirror or not is a huge help.
I have worked with many new persons to EDC.
They have all said the the snap cap practice and just the repetitive handling had been very helpful
From awareness, to familiarization, to loading and unloading, grip, concealment placement on body.
I will recommend, until a person has worked with different EDCs for sometime
Stick to the same style, strikerfire or hammer style or SA/DA pick one and stick to it
Just my two bits worth of opinion

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I am a huge fan of Ayoob's writing, and think these articles are great conversation starters. What always amazes me is how many articles constantly address if a certain gun makes a good CCW. The answer to the question, "Is _____ (insert any handgun) good for CCW?", will almost always be, "for some people, yes.".

There is no "perfect" carry gun for every shooter, just like there is no "perfect" vehicle for all drivers. Some people find pickup trucks necessary for their employment and lifestyle, and some commuters could be perfectly served by a Tesla. Concealed carriers come in all shapes, sizes, and genders (I have no idea how many of those there are these days) who are subject to different local laws and wear different types of clothing. Almost any reliable handgun of somewhat normal size will be someone's ideal CCW.

Is a full-sized 1911 the ideal CCW for me, probably not. However, there are certainly much worse options and I would never feel under-armed if all I had was a 1911 in any self-defense caliber.