Ayoob’s 10K Round 1911


I have to agree with this article.
I bought my first 1911 two years ago and it was a Springfield Range Officer Operator.
It has been flawless for me, my only complaint is the magazines that were supplied look like they are fifty years old.
Look at the first post on this forum show your 1911's, those mags look as bad as mine.
I wrote to Springfield about their quality and have not heard back, don't suppose I will either.


I love the patina of a well-used weapon.

I loved this guy's high-round-count 1911:



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My Springfield 1911A1 Loaded has 13,000rds approximately, may be closer to 15k at this point. I don't like the lack of checkering on the front strap for a shooter: I sent my Loaded into Springfield's custom shop and had some work done and the basic machine checkering done and I'm very happy with it. The MIM thumb safety failed around 1K rounds doing ambi shooting drills, Springfield was wonderful in RMA'ing it and fixing a fitment issue with the frame they noticed while it was in the shop. I had the checkering done, an action job. I ended up getting custom grip panels, installing an Ed Brown FCG, cerakote, installing a mag well main spring housing, and a EGW CroSil flatspring and guide rod system and custom bushing. Still use the original sights. Barrel and bushing are tight and rifling is as good as it ever was: the stainless barrel never had aggressive cut rifling like some of the new match barrels. Original mags and CMC's keep it fed with zero stoppages. I think I had a few stoppages (two maybe?) early on when it was dirty hot and dry, due to a new mag that needed the spring to set. I oiled it, and left the mags loaded and it solved the problem, it was very tight from the factory. It shoots very well, incredibly reliable have not had a stoppage since break in: lube it with FrogLube. Springfield is an outstanding company that makes outstanding 1911's!