B-52 Future Stratofortress: The Upgrades That Will Transform The B-52H Into The B-52J


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Here are all the upgrades and new weapons that will turn the B-52 into a multi-role weapons and sensor truck of the future.


I was Secirity Firces at a B52G base and they had over 12 B52 bases and 350 B52’s in inventory. Sad tey went down to under 100 in the 1990’s.

My Son in Law was avionics tech on B 52’s and is now a civilian project manager on another AF system. They are redoing the crew configuration on B 52’s we lost the gunners in 1991 now they are consolidating the 2 Mavigatora (RN and NM) into one crew member due to better systems. So it will be a 4 person crew instead of 5 (was 6 until 1991)

Did the same with KC 135 Tankers there’s no Navigator spot just Pilot Co and Boomer

Step closer to unmanned being a big chunk in the next 100 years!