Bear Identification


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Brown bears are way bigger and more aggressive then a black bear.

We have black bear in my area and they typically shy away when they encounter people.

I've had a few close encounters with black bear and even one occasion with a mother and her cubs and there wasn't any issues though I would never take an encounter for granted as they are wild animals.
… sure .. shy they are 😆😆😆

My wife's parents occasionally had a black bear or deer in their yard, as they lived on the mountain after living near the city before retirement. They were afraid to sit on the back patio, which they loved to do in their old age. As far as I know, none of them were ever aggressive but I was the only one in the family who didn't run inside when one strolled through the large yard before the fence as they never got too close, usually at the far end of the yard at the tree line (about 40 yards) although I did have my pistol at the ready and was only several feet from the door. I hunted on that mountain for many years, never saw a brown bear, or had what I would call an aggressive encounter with a black bear. The siblings all got together and had 8' chain link fence installed at the perimeter of the yard so their parents could enjoy their remaining years although they missed seeing the occasional deer through the sliding glass door.

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A couple years ago I was visiting and dog sitting for my son and daughter in law at an AF base outside Colorado springs where he had just become a commander. I drove them to the Denver airport so they could go celebrate their anniversary. They had just purchased a new BMW with voice activated navigation. When my daughter in law called me the next day to ask how I liked her new BMW I said it was great but the navigation kept saying bear left, bear right. I told her I did see some deer and antelope just outside the base but no bears. She was confused at first but my son explained the joke to her.