Best Bullet Weight in 9mm for EDC

I think what this test really showed is just how critical shot placement is. Never mind the grain weight, caliber, etc. The wound channel, with good grouping, is devastating. Closure grouping= more damage, threat stopped. I think that should also be a consideration for gel testing. Shot placement damage of rounds, and how they act going through the same channel or close to the same channel. More of a "real world" test for multiple rounds fired on target.
The only issues I heard several other members on HKPro.com complain about was with 115gr. They claim HK told them to use 124gr and up. The recommended fix was to buy a lower power RSA. That said, I never had any issues firing cheap 115gr range ammo with my stock example of P30sk.
HK recommends using 124 or 147 for the first couple hundred rounds to break it in and people have reported that this fixed their issue with 115. I heard similar ruminations about Walthers. My first two 9MMs were a PPQ Q5 Match and a VP9. Now I also have a P30L. None of them has ever been fed 115 and none of them have ever hiccuped.
I have 150 or so rounds of 115gr “covid stock” (aka the only stuff I could find) left that my P30SK, VP9 and P07 had zero problems with and after that’s gone it’s all 124gr. In fact the only pistol I have that had an issue with 115 was my stock 9mm Garrison but a recoil spring change fixed that.