Best Holster for My CCW Gun?

I have started more OWB in the last couple months. I use the VersaCarry commander majority of the time.
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Great article Mike, like guns; holsters are so much a personal choice and there a many factors that go into what you feel comfortable using. You can have two individuals with similar body types and identical guns and what holster works for one doesn’t work for the other. I was surprised to see Tucker Gunleather mentioned in the article as I have been a customer for years. And Rob and I have spoken multiple times. There holster are very well made and frankly works of art.
I currently have an HF1 for my Mod 2 sub compact and an HF2 for my full size SA 1911 RO 45ACP I also have 5 of their gun belts. Although I’m comfortable carrying OWB I’m currently waiting for a IWB from TGL for my Mod 2 40. Both my HF1 and HF2 were made lined with smooth leather to protect the guns finish which has slowed the break in process to allow for a smooth draw but I’m getting there.
This is the holster for my 1911.
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I'm somewhat of a minimalist because for concealed carry I prefer IWB. I previously bought a "We The People" Kydex unit in carbon fiber for a Shield that has a Crimson Trace installed. It is a perfect custom fit and very easy to carry. So when I had my Hellcat on order, I also ordered a We The People IWB in the same carbon fiber exterior. This one is nicely cut to accomodate a red dot optic. Once again I got a perfect fit. The pistol clicks in and holds perfectly for active movement, after setting the correct tension. I just thought I would mention this brand for anyone reading this thread. After their usual $10 discount the net price runs in the low $30 range or less, depending on the exterior graphics. The carbon fiber only runs about $5 more and looks great. For the patriots out there you will find several neat flag and other pride designs.