Biden’s DOJ States “gun control” is a top priority


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My wife is not a fan of firearms. She and her high school boyfriend at the time “way back in the day” were carjacked by gunpoint in Dallas.

she understands my enthusiasm for firearms and growing up with them.
she has never once asked me to stifle that enthusiasm or not to share it with our children.
she just wants no part.

Her reading what the left and Biden wants to do with firearms, her statement is as such:
“ i dont like guns. Its not for me, but I’ll be damned if Biden or any govt authority will tell me I cannot exercise my right to purchase a legal gun. If i change my mind tomorrow and want to go shoot up the hogs or defend my family by buying the gun of my choice, Biden can go to hell”.


There would be no need to enforce gun control policies if leftist-run cities would simply enforce the criminal laws already on the books. If the truly dangerous people are already in jail, then it won't matter what law-abiding citizens own.