Big Green Is Back: The Story Behind Remington Ammo

Thanks for posting Mike, was interesting read.
Would be nice visiting the plant sometime and seeing all the machinery and processes.
Is interesting on how lead shot is made. If that's what shown in one pic, the 11 story tower looks like a chimney?
Do a 'google' search on the "Sparks Shot Tower" in Philly, Pa. It's a very interesting read and will answer any questions you may have had about these very old technology 'shot towers'. (y)(y)(y)
I Hope They Improve Their Quality Control! I bought 2 Boxes of 357 Sig Green and White Box and in one of the Boxes there was a 40 S&W Mixed in with the rest of the Ammo!!!!!
Possibly their QC, but many things can happen between point "A" until time of purchase somewhere else too.
Can be an outright amazing journey or route some items pass through when the human factor is involved. Sometimes, an item passes through multiple hands prior to purchase. Many companies use a distributor or two before final purchaser sees item on store shelves. It may not be the original mfg. QC, it may be the distributors or in some cases, even a shipper or an inspector somewhere along the line that messed things up somewhere? Manufacturers sometimes bear the brunt of others neglect or actions? It does and can happen to most anyone, has to me.
I shot off one of my old stockpile boxes of Rem .308 a few weeks ago. It was dated 1996 I think. Might have 1 boxes left of some old Rem Accelerator .308s left. That is a 45 gr, I think, .308 where the little bullet is enclosed in a plastic breakaway shell after it exits the barrel. Never really did anything with them so I'll probably just shoot the off one day in the old bolt action.

In the meantime I'll keep my eyes open for some Big Green Boxes on the shelves.