big gun coming soon to mom/pop store.....

I know how you feel, loaded my .500 up, took aim, cracked off 2 rounds, quietly unloaded the other 3 and put it away, never took it out again and finally sold it few years back.
i know there is a huge difference between a .500 and a .357, but from these old hands experience, .357 was a wee bit too much, so naturally, i'd not want a 44 magnum...although, one can always shoot 38 specials like i do now, or 44 specials.

so therefore, i am not sure there is a .500 special..???...and if so...the cost compared to the 500 magnum

even so, i'll keep away from the 44 magnum, and 500 all the same.

but, i'll volunteer to shoot one when asked.