Bipods 101: Everything You Need To Know

Mine's nuthin' fancy.


BCA 16" SS fluted 16" barrel, side charger. Anderson lower, Magpul furniture.
I have everything except a gas block for another m118 chambered AR10. 1st I built is very soft shooting and will be begging for a good bipod of ???????
For out in the field use and from field positions, I've always been a bit skeptical about bipods. It seems to me that they introduce the variation of terrain texture into the rifle's recoil dynamics. I either use a sling as a shooter's aid or my pack.

However, we did add a MagPul to a developing 6.5CM bolt action project. I'll have our shooter try some of that bipod loading to see if I can overcome my prejudice. While we went with a sling stud attachment, I wish we had gone with a pic rail, quick detach solution...not just for shifting from forward to mid mounting, but also to easily stow it in a pouch when not in use...keeping weight and snag clutter of the end of the muzzle.

Good article with many ideas for us to try.