Blast from the Past: History of the Bazooka

Hello all, here is today's article posted on TheArmoryLife.com. It is titled "Blast From the Past: History of the Bazooka" and can be found at https://www.thearmorylife.com/blast-from-the-past-history-of-the-bazooka/.

Good reading, nice angles!
Thanks for the bit of bazooka history Mike,

Had heard of Dr. Goddard, "The Father of American Rocketry" long ago when was into building scale model rocketry.
Didn't know he was involved in bazooka development, but doesn't really surprise me either. Am, or was very familiar with Bazooka Joe bubble gum too. It's history's pretty cool and sad "new and improved" demise leaves much to be desired. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it may" come to mind in that case? In some ways about the same as the bazooka anti armor or anti tank weapon? But, real bazooka's needed improvement as other things were being modified, more armored and strengthened.

Odd in a sense, have noticed 88mm seems to be the Nazi Germans caliber ideal choice for many larger weapons? Didn't surprise me too much when they converted their ideas to the bazooka. Had forgotten about some of their innovative weapons. Their bazooka was one of them.

And, yes, had many of those little green dudes. The gray ones were Nazi's. Tan were Japanese. Many met their fickle fates with rocket and firecracker "experimentation" back then. Superman didn't really compare with G.I. Joe in flight most times! :) Oh, and sadly not many of the "green dudes" were "Martianized" yet either. :)
Thanks to the author for a well written review of the history of hand fired rocket development.
No mention of the Panzerfaust the Germans developed later in the war (due to material shortages). Is that because it was a single use weapon or because the shaped charge was not contained by the firing tube?
Might want to compare to disposable recoil less rifles like our AT4 developed my Sweden. First versions were for light armor like Russian APCs but more recent were good against structures and with delay could go through wall before detonating. Problem was first design could not be fired from concealed coverage in structures but that problem solved. Little clumsy to carry.