Can a Micro 1911 Go Long Range?

Can't most bullets travel a few km❓
Off course.

Isn't a pistol mostly used as a backup to a rifle or close distance❓

How accurate would you expect a pistol to for long distance❓

I would imagine if it meas so much to anyone and you really want to hit a target say, 500 meters keep practicing, you will get better ❓
i have the original "micro" 1911, para ordnance P-10.
i have 2 of them, double stack 10 + 1 in .45, love them as you can conceal them anywhere on your person.
here is 1 of the P-10's next to a SA ultra compact (ultra compact is the same size as colt officer model)


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I am a 1911 fan and have one of the earlier 9mm EMPs. For our club 3 gun and pistol challenges, I have shifted from the commander size 45ACP using most often the 9mm EMP. Shooting std torso silhouette targets at 3 to 25 yard distances under time, although any A zone center mass hits are acceptable, I prefer to use head shots. Even at 25 yards this little pistol will shoot buttons off a shirt if needed. For fun after the timed shoot, ringing 8" steel at 40 yards is very doable. Using 115 grain round nose for range work this is an amazingly little pistol! I have not figured the reason yet, but I am more accurate with the 9mm EMP than with my commander length 45 ACP.
Yes, as a short barrel gun, it was perhaps designed for close encounter situations, it is very capable of off hand shots out to 40 yards, perhaps further depending on the shooter's skill, but at typical defensive distances, it is a bell ringer! Never a failure to feed or any common hick-up malfunction. With many hundreds of rounds thru this little gun, I would feel totally comfortable trusting my life to it ... if we ever get real concealed carry here in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey.
No reason to think you couldn't hit the target at 100 yards. I have 4 EMPs. The 9mm from 7 years ago, 40S&W, The CCC (Conceal Carry Contour) with a 4" barrel and the Ronin EMP 4".
I fired 100 rounds in the 9mm EMP at 25 yards and was able to cover the entire group with my fist. You can see who small the group is in this picture. The 10 ring was only 3 or 4 inches.
These little 1911s are very accurate and have shown themselves to be very reliable.


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