Canik TP-9 SF, an affordable duty pistol that works

I was looking at an Elite on the PSA website. Nice looking gun. People rank the triggers up close with Walther and HK.

What does the SF stand for? With the Walther PPQ Q5 Match SF it stands for steel frame. Clearly this Canik is polymer.

Also I wanted to point out that although I have no issue with Turkish made firearms, the author probably should take his own advice and stay out of politics because the things he used as justification against those who bash Turkey are propaganda and bullshit.
Although not part of their budget line, I just picked up a Canik TP-9 Elite Combat in partnership with Salient Arms International, which made the BBL, Mag Well, and sights, etc.. I got the FDE model and it came with a thread barrel and plates to mount an optic if desired. Interestingly, it came with a 15 round and 18 round magazine. It seems of high quality and nicely made, and fits nicely in my hand. Below is a link that reviews the Elite Combat. (of note in the article, it seem that prior Canik models had issues with the trigger that are similar to those reported by some Hellcat owners. The new Canik Elite Combat corrected this issue).


Interestingly when I purchased this firearm, I also picked up another Turkish pistol, the SAR (Sarsilmaz) USA B6 9mm fullsize 17 rounder. I plan on this being a potential Truck gun (cost was about $330), and it received good reviews.