Carry Positions


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Which concealed-carry position is right for you? This former U.S. Marine and law enforcement veteran provides the guidance you need.

It's 'o-dark thirty' and you hear noises outside, will you remember where your pistol is?
YUP! It's still in the nightstand draw. If I'm going looking about, at 0-dark thirty, it's with the 12g pump ;). I'm a half hour 45 min. from the nearest response, so any investigating to be done is up to me.
Being "full figured" IWB doesn't work, there is enough of me in my pants already. Ankle carry is out I don't want to take my pants off to get my gun. Yes, my calves are full figured also. Plus I'm old and knelling down to get my gun is out of the question. Think I've fallen and can't get up....without support. Pocket is okay but as the man said that means a smaller gun, and IMHO smaller than a J frame. Small of the back? Well no thanks. So that leaves OWB strong side. Again, like the man said body shape makes a difference. If I might add body condition and age also. YMMV