Cessna A-37 Dragonfly: Air Force Super Tweet

Great accurate article Doc. My dad was on the design team. He was assigned the engine nacelles, engine mounts, the strake and the entire wiring harness with which he had previous experience on those items with other Cessna Aircraft. Then spin characteristics with other employees. Cessna did not want to design or build the T-37 as they were already very busy. Dad witnessed the military test pilot purposely shear the landing gear off during his first taxi. Some very interesting things were going on in the background of this aircraft.
Picked up a Squadron of OA37's at Davis Monthan AFB Az 1982 and had them till about 1987 when they went to Foreign military sale. Fantastic aircraft to work on and challenging at the same time. Flew the hell out of them and had one of the highest UTE rates in TAC. TAC Commander pulled the guns so it wouldn't count as a fighter and take an F16 unit out of the numbers game. Then 5yrs later ram rodded the project to reinstall the GAU 2B's Had to find the missing parts and stole the guns from the Army.Made jaunts into Honduras with them and did an assist with Guatemalan's Air Force and El SalvadorAir force to Proof the 7.62 gon pods on wing hard stations