Chaos In The Shipping Industry - Economic Effects


Although a few months old, this thought provoking NPR article may raise many different questions, concerns and possibly answer some questions of why there's all sorts of global and national shortages that effects our economy because of dependence of so many imported products? The current virus or another major illness or sickness in it's place is obviously one major concern, but are there other important economic issues and other concerns coming to light now? This small glimpse of some of the more local effects of imported goods, their delivery can be and are staggering to our society in many ways when thought about and amplified many times over because of imported products?

Some of the thoughts and facts stated in the authors article are very likely legitimate, while suspect some other reasoning behind it may not be? Why exactly is all this happening to the ocean going shipping industry and are it's products also being manipulated for other reasons besides comes to mind? Is the virus possibly just an excuse for other things sometimes occurring? Maybe, maybe not on any concern?

Shipping has been manipulated over the years in the trucking industry for various good and other not so good reasons previously by parking rigs or just trailers in truck stops and other areas for extended periods of time or placing products in other storage facilities effecting actual delivery dates because of one reason or another. About the same with rail shipping. With ocean going freighters, it's likely somewhat different, the same effects as land freight, but on a more massive scale? None of the above or below even covers airfreight products or their delivery. What are those effects? Suspect about same just possibly quicker?



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I don't see any reduction in rail traffic in country.

The majority of the goods brought in by ship are consumer goods and alot are transported by truck. The big hold-up right now is on the west coast.

There's been an increase in airfrieght.