I'm biased so my opinion doesn't carry much weight here, but I myself like the PX4 (and the CX4) and XD of course. I have to admit that I'm not really familiar with a few that you listed, so again, not much weight here. I really dig the PX4 Compact Carry with the Langdon Tactical Trigger job and rotating barrel (and the PX4 in general) and I do think it's quite attractive, but I'm also a bit different ;-) . That and the XD are easy to clean as well. BUUUUUUUTTT......again, I'd give a bit more credence to others opinions here.
I actually really like the Px4 and cleaning is easy


Hi guys I think I said my next gun I am buying is in January well I definitely want another 9 mm the choices are Beretta Storm Px4 next Springfield XD4 next Smith and Wesson SD9 VE next Kahr CW9 next CZ P01 and finally CZ 75 which would you buy and why thank you guys
My CZ75 and P10c are the most accurate stock pistols I've shot.