Classic Defense Loads


I’ve got several of those mentioned, in most of the calibers, in the ammo stash...see an occasional box, pick it up out of curiosity.

I do think that more modern bullet designs do perform better, butsee nothing wrong with running these older designs if it’s what you can find.

And, my Baer .45 is loaded with the 230gr Golden Sabre; it’s accuracy is superb, breaking 4” at 50 yards...the only load that’s done better is a tuned 200gr SWC handload.


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A classic defense round: 230 grain ball .45 Auto.

Many years ago when I carried a 1911-A1, it was loaded with W-W White Box 230 grain ball ammo. I never felt the least bit vulnerable.

As I'm writing this, I'm in a hotel room at the base of the Rockies awaiting a mule deer hunt and trout span. On the bed next to me is my Springfield Armory TRP loaded with 230 grain FED HST LE +P rounds. Neither bipedal vermin nor wild beast do I fear as long as my TRP is within arm's reach.


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My favorite isn’t listed, Winchester Black Talons.
That was an effective round.

Take a very close look at Fed HST LE ammo. It's my defensive ammo in for my EMP 9MM, Sig P229 .40 S&W, and, of course, my three Springfield Armory 1911-A1 .45 Autos. In the latter, I use 230 gran Fed HST LE +P ammo for very mean critter defense. So far, thank God, I've been good at avoiding a bear confrontation. Like gang bangers, I'll simply not go where they are active.