Cold War Garand Conversion? The Italian BM 59E

Beretta soon realized that it could spare itself the expense of manufacturing replacement 7.62mm barrels simply by shortening the length of the .30-caliber barrels it already had on hand a half an inch at the breech.

Now I know why I never could find a decent Beretta made barrel in 30.06 when I rebuilt a Beretta made Danish M1 rifle years ago. Apparently, the Danes couldn't get them either, so they began making their own barrels that are stamped VAR - that stands for Vaabenarsenalet, meaning Arms Arsenal. The Danish government returned many 1,000s of Garands to the US in the mid 1990s, and many of these had been fitted with VAR barrels that had seen little if any use. VAR barrels are considered by many as the best of the service grade barrels. I ended up using a VAR barrel on my build that gauged new.
As I posted earlier great rifle and I’m lucky to have three of them.
BM 69 imported by Benet arms 1970
Beretta BM 62 purchased new around 1980 with tricomensator and Bipod and a Brescia full MI made for the Danes.
Sure would not mind finding one of those Argentine M1 kits that fits the 20 Round Magazine.