Colt Single Action Army: The Gunfighters Gun

My first handgun was a Ruger Single Six Convertible with a 5 1/2 inch barrel. I have owned several single action revolvers over the years. I have always enjoyed shooting them. My father gave me a family heirloom shortly before his death last year. It is a 1873 Colt single action .44-40 with a 7 inch barrel that my grandfather traded a fiddle and a plug of tobacco for in his late teens. He became a crack shot and would give demonstrations of his skill after he was banned from all the turkey shoots because he always won them. He then left Wisconsin and worked cattle ranches in Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. The old Colt sports ivy grips into which he carved the brands of all the ranches he worked. Needless to say it is one handgun that will never leave the family.
Colt and holster.jpg
Colt and holster.jpg
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