Colt’s King Cobra 10-Shot Revolver & 4-Inch Anaconda — SHOT Show 2023

I’ve got a second model Cobra (shrouded ejector, ramped front sight); it was considerably smaller than the new model “Night Cobra” I had a few years ago…

Dang it. I need a Dick Special.
Keep in mind that that the street price will likely be lower. But obviously this won't be a cheap .22 plinker. It will likely be one of the nicest production .22 revolvers available.
Street price for the Anaconda’s were higher due to demand and availability. Trust me I know. So I am wondering what a .22 will bring?
Actually I am waiting for the 4" Anaconda myself, my shop has the 6" which I have been thinking of getting, but now since they are producing the 4", I'll wait for it, as for the 22lr, yea, high priced, I’ll just keep enjoying my Rugers, they work fine for me.
Yeah, I would love to have the 4” Anaconda too but I wish Colt would not charge the same price for each size.