Comp-Tac CT3: Level 3 Duty Holster for the XD-M

I hardly carry OWB anymore, but I used to have a Level 3 (Safariland) for my XD45, I found it useful but perhaps a bit cumbersome, not so much the action needed to draw but the distance it stood out from the 2-1/4” Sam Brown belt. The purposeful shrouded guard always looked like something that would fail. Sold it where it bought it - the ebay.

Level lll certainly makes for a better security measure and offering, but for a hefty gun and belt.
I think Level lll could come in handy for times if the entire gun belt is off and hanging up - say at a outlander camp site, also offering that extra security that avoids any curiosity tampering or dislodging should the rig somehow get tangled up.