Concealed Carry Corner: How To Master Micro Carry Guns


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Nice article on how to master micro carry guns. Some good tips, I will agree you should practice with your defensive loads, even though they cost more and for awhile we’re hard to find, I am guilty of not doing this myself.

If you are going to carry a micro carry gun, you really must put in the practice that you devote to any larger carry gun. You never know what distance will be involved when SHTF.

This is a practice 10-yard group with my custom LCP...


More than just a belly gun if you do your part.
I admit that I "practice" my carry ammo only enough to confirm it cycles. I find the concept of "tack-driving" irrelevant for my EDC. At $1/round, one can practice only so much. More concerned about FTF with ammo.
I qualified for my LTC with a ported P365 SAS - the quintessential point and shoot. Very snappy and not terribly accurate. Eventually I went to a standard P365, put the XL grip for 12 rds with flush fit mags and installed an MCarbo spring set on it. Now it’s a smooth shooting, well behaved pistol that will reach out to 25yds that I can pocket carry. I must say though that as much as I like my P365, I much prefer having something with a 4.5 barrel at my side.