Conversation around the game table.


We were playing our weekly games last night, this has been a ritual for about 15 years, and started with my wife and I, and both of our parents. Over the years people have died and now it's us and my mother. Anyways...

Survivorman was on inthe background and he was talking about coconut crabs. I made a comment that, coconut crabs are one theory about where Amelia Earharrts body went. My wife was incredulous, and was laughing and accusing me of yanking her chain, which truly was a reasonable assumption as it is one of my favorite pastimes. She thought I made them up.

So I showed her pictures, and she thought it was an internet prank, they are monsterous and alien looking. I finally had to show her the story from National Geographic about them and Amelia. She finally believed me.. but, last night she had nightmares about coconut crabs, and she was mad at me lololol.

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damn, i'd not want to meet one in a dark alley. i'd rather meet a gang banger in that same dark alley, in downtown Chicago....

well, i don't know what really happened to Amelia, and frankly i don't believe anyone else "really knows", i think it's all on speculation and conjecture.

that being said, anything can be "fish food" once a body is in the ocean, even fresh water.

to ease her nightmare(s)..

walmart has coconuts on sale, buy one, and catch a spider.....and leave them in a box, on the kitcvhen table.

then run for your life, while you laugh your ass off.

and be sure to have the divorce lawyer on speed dial?