Daffy Zone…..

And let it be known that boobie burns aren’t fun. 😎
Wow! Does this ever open a door for a humorous comment ... one I certainly would not make, but someone will. Something about kissing a boo-boo to make it feel better or something. I don't know, can't really remember it exactly. ........................................................................................... Jus' funnin' here y'all.

But it also reminds me of a true story ... when I was a young 20-21 yrs old and dating a young lady of just 18 yrs old, she asked me to take her to the gun range. She had never even held a pistol. So sure, OK, I'll take you. Well, the day of our little trip to the range, I picked her up and she was gorgeous in her cool white short shorts, littler white sneakers and a rather tight white T-shirt. Obviously I should have been a little more observant and aware of the possible issues with her attire for the day ... but for some reason I wasn't. (I already said I was 20 and she was looking mighty fine)!

Well, during our time on the firing line, she caught a hot one directly from the chamber right down the neck of that T-shirt. She started screaming and jumping around and looking like she was trying to get that T-shirt over her head and off. Wow thought I, never knew a little shooting could excite a young lady that much. Anyway, once I realized what was actually going on, I jumped in to help her get that T-shirt off leaving nothing but an 'underwire' something/something, iirc, a lot of bare skin, and a bright red mark right over her heart.

I took that as a good sign and married that young lady just a couple months later and after a couple more trips to the gun range. It's been 54 1/2 yrs now, she still goes to the range with me occasionally, and I still get to help her when she wants to remove a T-shirt real quick.

Quoting Mr HayesGreener from not long ago ... "Life is good!" I did say 54 1/2 yrs didn't I?
Last I heard, it was a S&W Bodyguard.