Dealing With a Nighttime Home Break-In


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You're sleeping soundly one night when you hear a loud crash in another part of the house. Somebody is breaking in while you're home! You have to quickly work out a strategy for dealing with this intruder.

Your Emergency Action Plan will be determined by who else is in the house, where the disturbance is, and what kind of disturbance it is. But don't wing it entirely. Some things to consider BEFORE a break-in occurs: (1) The floorplan of your house (two stories, single floor, split level?). (2) Have a pre-set communication plan for calling the police (Jeff favors having a landline phone) and for telling other members of the household what's happening. (3) If there are children in the house, how will you get to them? (4) Have a "strong point," a place where you can hold up until police arrive, a central location that that you can defend with your firearm if you need to. Shouting out to the intruders that you have called the police may encourage them to just leave.