Dennis Quaid documentary, very sobering.

If so, I'd say it was a pretty dumb one.

Just because we allowed one to fly over would be no indication of the test being a success. If you're alluding to the EMP theory, there are a lot of shortcomings to this approach.
How about another coincidene of Look at the pretty balloons and ignore the news about the news the US destroyed their NATO ally NORD stream pipeline? Just another trick.
I believe the BigGuy nominated an individual or two with ties to destructive eco-activisim.
The recent rail derailments, power plant outages are a good indicator these activism folk are behind more than the authorities are divulging. What did a passioned group these activist people organize and allowed to carry out this weekend…some ’day of vengeance’ ?

On an foreign-entity level, we used to think of sleeper cell infiltrations being the next manner of domestic attack. Is the guard down or shelved in order to promote DEI/ESG elsewhere?

BigGuy‘s Ice Cream Social Administration asleep and lax at the border certainly isn’t concerned to avert that opportunity. And how long has it been since the last threat of an EMP strike came from the DPRK ?

Be it a solar flare or a defective microchip in a communications satellite, a good portion of the population being so dependent on their (tracked) electronic devices that the biggest complaint and concern is that “influencers” can’t get their content out.
If that ever occurs, the sky will surely fall.