Do You Need Disaster Currency?

Ammo is a great currency. Also lots of medications for basic ailments. They are necessary and will come handy. However, I don't think we'll reach that far. The pandemic will be over soon with all the efforts that everyone is paying.
Good article! I think, in our present situation, having extra cash laying around is probably the most sensible. However, that won't always be the case and it would behoove us to be alert and prepared for other economic and social changes.
Good article! I am not a prepper per say but I am prepared for a lot of things. Being an Eagle Scout and Scout leader I try to lead by example of "Be Prepared", the Scout motto. Though I cannot carry my weapon when I am on company property I do have other EDC supplies with me along with meds and stuff for my diabetes.

I am prepared to do bartering if it comes down to it. I have some very desirable skill sets and equipment.