Do you remember ?

1978, I was 10 YO...but after listening/watching your link I am impressed at the engineering of the recorded mix. Admittedly I was into Kiss Alive 2 that year, but just a thought...good engineering on that track.
Simple times, talented, orchestrated,uncomplicated, refreshing lyrics and oh my the flamboyance.

“It was the third of September….”
another from an earlier era of music long gone -
and it’s not even Saturday Night Jams post !

Speaking of rap...I remember Bernie Mac Show episode where he scolded his kids for messing with his “happy rap” collection.

I’ve always been a very mixed genre music listener, even foreign, mostly the oldies.

What ever the mood calls for -
Elvis to Eminem to Ernest Tubb or Merle, from BB King and Big Bands like Miller to the Beatles or a Gershwin Broadway tune, the Stones - both Rolling and Sly & the Family.
Any day with Doris or evening with Sade. The lively stomp of CJ Chenier or some TexMex with Flacco Jimenez on the squeeze box even a jam session with Les Paul trying to keep up with Les Paul.

The one good thing the digital tech age has done was to make all kinds of music available.
I remember them but I was a card carrying member of DREAD, Detroit Rockers Engaged Against Disco they were not exactly on my play list lol. I was more into Led Zeppelin and Bob Seger concerts in those days.