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Sounds just like St Martin on the French side.
Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
I don't know if the sun wrinkled them that bad or just that old...
I was recently at a beer, wine and spirits event that posted no firearms. I noticed a guy in a tight t shirt who was wearing a revolver tucked in his back. His desire to wear a small shirt emphasized his gun that anyone could easily see it. He had a plump build so he wasn't trying to emphasize a fit physique. Whatever.
I prefer plaid or Hawaiian shirts that are loose. I'm no longer an Adonis and prefer discrete carry. I have nothing to prove and am more comfortable being anonymous. I have no gun related stickers on my vehicle or attire with various advertisements or themes on them.


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In over 20 years I have been approached three times. Twice was a tap on the shoulder and a nearly whispered "your printing" and then they both gave a grin and patted their own EDC to show me they carried as well. Only other time was by this woman who approached me and asked in a real snotty voice, loud enough so everyone around us could hear, if I was carrying a gun? I gave her a puzzled look and asked her what made her think that and she said that "obvious bump in your shirt" (IWB appendix carry). I looked her in the eye and answered in an annoyed voice, "Oh, you mean my colostomy bag? She turned beet red and could not say she was sorry enough times. I had a hard time keeping a straight face with all the snickering going on around me.
IMHO I think that carriers notice it more than John Q Public as I will notice little things that tell me so and so is carrying which if I didn't carry myself would not have even raised an eyebrow.
I wear whatever I damn well please, wherever i damn well want to except where it is restricted of course. I usually conceal carry but sometimes open carry. I dont concern myself with what anyone thinks and have never had anyone say a word to me about it, of course I'm 6' 2" tall and 270lb's so that may have some bearing on their decision to stay quiet.
Outside of work, no one has ever indicated that they were aware that I was armed.

At work (security) I was required by law to open carry and everybody had an opinion.

Personally, I make a rule of minding my own business. Again outside of work, where I would have post orders dictating whether or not I was going to say anything, I wouldn't comment if I noticed someone carrying.