Don’t Make These Weaponlight Mistakes!

Great article, good read. Have put in my time at the local gun club, bringing in tactical twogun matches, helping to get our 3GN affiliation, etc. Has paid off, in that we have been able to run night matches for a few years. Running a 4 hour match, with multiple coarses of fire, hundreds of rounds, with both pistol and rifle....
in the dark. Real learning experience!!! The smoke from a double tap,on a cold calm night, hangs in front of that wml. Major vision obstruction. And hey, where there is smoke, there's soot. By the end of magazine two,the lens is getting pretty dirty,and the light begins to fade. A better shooter than I told me to smear a super thin layer of chapstick on the light. Soot wipes clean in an instant.
Nothing like real world experience, go get some.
My good friend and LEO Brother failed to mention one of my favorites; the Safariland RLS (Rapid Light System). This Tactical Light can be carried on a belt with an integral clip and used as a handheld flashlight or in about 1.5 seconds it can be mounted (with its integral mounting system) on the accessory rail of a handgun and used as a weapon-mounted light. It’s my favorite multi-purpose tactical light. I use it frequently on my Gen 4 Glock 19.