Early Colt Army Test Trial pistols from model 1900 to the 1911


Rock Island will auction off an actual 1907 Colt Army Test Pistol in May 2024.

This pistol is one of only 200 actual pistols manufactured under the Army Contract of 1907 for field trials,
with an additional five made for presentation.
This pistol, serial number 91, was shipped from Colt to the Springfield Armory on March 17, 1908, and was one of the 64 pistols issued to Troop H, 2nd Cavalry Regiment at Fort Des Moines, Iowa, for actual evaluation.

Estimated sale value of $60,000.00 to $90,000.00

Colt 1907 Army Test pistol

This video shows several early pre 1911 Colts ending with the 1911

Who wants a 1910 model in 9mm? :)
I think @BET7 might have one of those "Gold-pressed Latinum" credit cards with a high-enough limit to go to the auction. :unsure:

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