EDC~~~~~ How much do you care about it?

I understand what your asking, but hopefully by the time the police arrive (IF I have had to use my EDC) it will be emptied and secured. placed away from me, ( I don't want to be the "man with a gun" as the Police arrive. )

If they arrive and I have to drop it on concrete, I'm sure that scratches and dents will be the last of my worries at that point.
I typically carry something small and relatively light (Sig P365 XL / PC Shield .45) and thus not my favorite or expensive.
My EDC is literally my least favorite pistol. Its tiny and plastic, so I don't like shooting it. But it is easily replaced if lost, stolen or confiscated. I am in and out of a lot of schools and colleges for work. Some of them honor concealed weapon permits and some don't allow carry on campus, so mine spends more time in the car than I would like.
There are quite a few pistols in the $300-$500 dollar range that are very reliable to carry daily that I would say there is a decent trade off for personal life value over monetary value that I am willing to accept. My more costly pistols are mostly dedicated to range use.
I'm really not that worried about where the decimal place falls. :) $500 or $5,000 or anywhere it falls along that line, I just need to know that I can trust that weapon with my life.

Since the weapon will be taken into evidence for who knows how long, my preparation for this is simple: I double-down on my defensive weapons - this way, I always have a beater copy to use for training, and should my defensive weapon be confiscated, I have pretty much an exact copy that I can immediately press into service, knowing that I am just as proficient with the replacement as I was with the very weapon that just saved my life or that of my loved ones' only moments ago.

I think I first took this advice from Massad Ayoob.

My defensive handguns really are pretty much carbon-copies of their range counterparts - EDC: https://www.thearmorylife.com/forum/threads/xdm-3-8-compact.105/#post-2758 - and the HD handgun is a 4.5-inch XDm9, whose training copy you can see in some of the pictures that I'd posted here - https://www.thearmorylife.com/forum/threads/is-your-shooting-stance-wrong.146/#post-3819 and again in the AR thread - https://www.thearmorylife.com/forum/threads/lets-see-your-ar-setups.258/page-2#post-3579 . And in that thread, you can also see that my range/training beater-AR shares much in common with my HD AR: https://www.thearmorylife.com/forum/threads/lets-see-your-ar-setups.258/page-4#post-4251

I need to be able to rely on that gun, 100%.

I need the gun to work *with* me, enhancing capabilities and - in so much as possible - helping overcome deficiencies.

Losing it to the evidence lock-up or damaging it post-incident? I'm honestly worried only about how the gun performed, during the incident.
Ok, to set the stage, I'm a cranky old fart. I've always been a 1911 guy, and it was my EDC for many years. Even if I know I don't need any more of them, I'm drawn like a bug to light to the counter where the 1911's are. BUT, I bought a couple of Glocks many years ago when they were new and cool, and they sat in my safe. Just couldn't get past the ugly plastic compared to the beautiful steel guns I grew up with. Then, as I got older and less fit, the MUCH lower weight of the Glock started to interest me. So I pulled them out of the safe and started to run them. Then I took a couple of training classes, and actually used them instead of a 1911. They ran like a Toyota. Not sexy, but no muss, no fuss, no hiccups. Ugly, but beautiful. SO now that's what I carry every day. Been dropped, banged into things, barfed up, and I DON'T CARE. As another said, I'ts a tool. I have ZERO emotional attachment to the Glocks, unlike many of my other firearms. I can count on them to go bang every time I pull the trigger, and wouldn't lose a minutes sleep if one were to be confiscated during a lawful shooting investigation.
If I buy it I intend to use it. I don't buy things to put on a shelf to be pretty. My truck is a tool, it is for work, not to go to town to look pretty in. My firearm is to protect me which I see as an important job. I hate cheap tools! They will almost certainly fail at the very moment that you need them the most. Spend the money and when it has done it's job I'm certain that you will be satisfied that it served you well and you will not be worried about what it looks like.