EMP-Proofing Survival Gear

Great article Mike thanks. I was watching an episode on the Science channel of Impossible Engineering & what it took to build the Air Force's AWACS plane. They went into how they made this plane EMP proof using small metallic mesh over the plane's body, windows (you could still see through them), and around all the specialized electronic equipment inside the plane. This is known as a Faraday Cage, and you can build them yourself to protect your home equipment, car and even a full house generator. They're several links out on the internet on how to do this, below is just one of them.

Need to verify it but the military ammo cans should be able to keep the EMP out.
Yup, several articles I read on the subject, mentioned ammo cans, aluminum foil, metal trash cans, etc., will keep out an EMP. They talked about the size of the EMP wave length and the corresponding thickness of the aluminum foil to work, so some research is prudent. Articles will explain how thick foil must be or how fine wire mesh must be. etc. Apparently, one size doesn't fit all, but a lot of materials and common items will work.
The FAA is making Boeing reapply aluminum foil in 737 MAX engine nacelles because the FAA felt the electronics located in them wasn't adequately installed the first time to protect against EMP. So I guess aluminum foil works well enough.
One thing to bear in mind. In the event of an EMP, can you get into your gun safe (if it has an electronic keypad)? I know mine doesn't have a manual key override, so suspect I won't be able to get into it, with no chance of googling how to become a safe cracker!
Speaking of EMP, there was a book written, actually a series of 4 books. Written by
Forstchen, William R. He is a Military Historian at a college in the mountains of NC. He was persuaded to write this book by Newt Gingrich and other Politicians who realize the USA and its allies are not prepared for this type of attack.
The book, "One Second After" takes place in the area he lives and teaches, an area he is familiar with. Everything is completely normal, until one second after the EMP(s) exploded hundreds of miles above the USA,
Instantly, we are back in the pre electrical days, pre computers, any vehicle built after the 60's early 70's are dead.
It is now a world of survival. Predators (humans who are not prepared) are coming from the cities and trying to take what they need.
W.E.B. Griffen gave a good review, "Excellent novel, but scary as hell that this could happen at any time and we are not prepared for it!"

Strongly recommend the read, it made me aware of some things I was not ready for!